Saturday, October 9, 2010

Birthday card for my brother

Well I just HAD to have Mini Monsters after I saw the card feature. I have been trying to think of a card to make for brothers' birthday on the 14th and when I was browsing my Gypsy I found this very cute frog! Ever have things that remind of certain people. I know its silly but frogs remind me of my brother. No, he doesn't look like a frog! lol But my mom has this cool picture of when my brother was young sitting in a neighbors backyard and a very cute garden cement frog was next to him. We also had alot of frogs' in our backyard swimming pool, so we were always having to get them out and we would laugh while watching our dog play with them.

Okay so he probably won't think it's "CUTE", but I do. ; )

Stop by tomorrow and see what I'm working on with my new MY PINK STAMPER stamp set "SPOOKY PUNS" . . . . .

Thanks for stopping by!